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Golden Globes 2014 - Best and Worst Dressed

Last night's annual 71st Golden Globes can only mean one thing - awards season is upon us. It's time to race to the cinema and watch those movies you haven't got around to seeing yet, have a quick flick through Vogue to pre-warn yourself that you're going to be seeing some weird shit on the red carpet, and lay back at home with your popcorn and armchair judging. IT'S GLOBES TIME!

Blog on the Rails gives its usual run down of those pinnacle fashion moments that will never be forgotten, the fashion disasters that we just pray we can eventually forget, and everything Jennifer Lawrence said and did to make us fall in love with her a bit more. Is that even possible?!


#5: Emma Watson

The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bling Rings star has probably reached the highlight of her fashion life tonight. Well, being a Burberry muse was probably the highlight, but after that it's this Christian Dior red gown / black skinny pant ensemble. Insanity in theory, brilliance in practice - and isn't that what fashion is about? We sense a future trend...

#4: Lily Rabe

The American Horror Story Coven star went in the opposite direction of Misty, her Coven character, ditching the pale hippy pieces at the studio and going for a gothic Georges Hobeika gown. The, "I'm not my character, I promise!" look was a trick followed by fellow AHS starlets Gabourey Sidibe and Taissa Farmiga as they both arrived in glowing white dresses. 

#3: Taylor Swift

Taylor opted for a raspberry Carolina Herrera gown with black fabric across the breast and a dramatic pink bow gathered at the back. This felt romantic, European and every bit the movie star. Swift was nominated for Best Original Song for her tune 'Sweeter Than Fiction' in One Chance.

#2: Cate Blanchett

Ever the regal and sophisticated statuesque figure, Blanchett turned heads on the red carpet in a high neck black lace Armani. It's so good I can't even find the words. The A list star of screen and stage completed the look with semi-wreath diamond Chopard earrings. That's one classy Sheila.

#1: Lupita Nyong'o

It's tough to believe that newcomer Lupita Nyong'o was graduating from Yale in Summer 2012. Between then and now she has completed filming 12 Years A Slave with Chiwetel Ejiofer, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, been nominated for a Golden Globe, and will no doubt be Oscar nominated later in the year, but the fact remains: Lupita has cemented herself in the fashion elite in one effortless swoop with this orange-red Ralph Lauren cape gown.


#5: Lena Dunham

As usual, Lena Dunham has squeezed her tits in to a weird fitting, odd coloured dress. Here she is in Julianne Moore canary, a colour that draws far too much attention and clashes with her pale skin. It's not her most disastrous look, and she has Zac Posen to thank for that, but Lena needs to get away from these horrible colours she always opts for - pea green, neon yellow, brown - and go for a nice navy that compliments her and covers up that shitty mess of an arm tatt!

#4: Kerry Washington

I don't want to be an evil bastard here because Kerry's pregnant and is obviously a gorgeous woman, but the colour of this Balenciaga is all wrong. It's not even grey enough to be grey... it just doesn't register on the colour spectrum. I wish the Django Unchained actress had taken a leaf from Olivia Wilde's pregnancy fashion book and gone for a colour that made her skin glow and fit that showed off her beautiful bump.

Olivia wears an emerald green sequinned Gucci gown.

#3: Sandra Bullock

Up there with my favourite movie stars of all time, the ineffable treasure Sandy B, star of the nominated space-flick Gravity, has done herself a disservice in this weird Prabal Gurung pink, black and blue haltery A-line beast. Baby pink and baby blue are both in this spring, but not smushed in to the same mamasita dress at the same time. Plus she didn't even go the whole hog and accessorise it with a sombrero and maracas... a missed opportunity.

#2: Paula Patton

I don't know where to begin. I'm presuming this was a dare? Paula Patton wears ruffles upon ruffles in this Stephane Rolland Couture dress. All I can say it's a good job no one has a fucking clue who Paula Patton is or she might have made the worst dressed lists...

#1: Drew Barrymore

I'm crying right now, Drew. You hear that? You made a grown-ass man cry. Well done, love. Barrymore dons an infantile Monique Lhuillier floral number that's reminiscent of the bloody floral Erdem mess that Sienna Miller wore to last year's Globes. This is unflattering; it doesn't flatter or show off her baby bump, but rather swamps it in appliqué flowers and just looks... silly... and when it comes to fashion, look beautiful, look ugly, look outrageous... but nobody wants to see silly!

Oh, and talking of silly... we did promise to check in on what our hero Jennifer Lawrence had been up to on the red carpet...

Olly Cromack is editor in chief of Blog on the Rails and a film graduate living in Liverpool, UK. Obsessed with fashion, film and all things Hollywood, check out Blog on the Rails for regular updates!


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